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Strategic Marketing Planning & Execution

Our team helps clients develop a well-defined & feasible marketing strategy with detailed plans about market segmentation, information about the target audience and positioning strategy. We provide you with an all-encompassing marketing plan that will help you correctly define your ing objectives which in turn enable meeting customer needs likely and goals attainable. To ensure perfect execution we understand the business thoroughly, gaining insights into all the quirksin its workings and then design a solution pertinent to the business needs.


Promotional Campaigns

A successful promotional campaign requires three things:

  1. Well-articulated messages that reach the defined target audience.
  2. The messages should be easy to understand for the consumers and quickly grasp their attention.
  3. And finally it should incentivise them into taking one or more actions preferably those that directly or indirectly result in sales in the immediate future.

But most importantly it requires the right people who understand its intricacies (read us).

Customer Engagement Solutions

What makes content engaging is relevancy. For e.g. you would not be reading this if this article talked about how sharks hunt small fishes (you just might though!). But the point being made is that the primary requirement for engaging content is relevant content. Additionally, there are a lot of other factors to keep customers hooked to your business:

  1. Understand customer needs and expectations.
  2. Discover factors that encourage customer involvement.
  3. Identify 'at risk' customers and implement measures to prevent client defection.
  4. Reduce churn, increase retention and identify sales opportunities.
  5. Enhance brand loyalty and company reputation.
  6. Acquire new customers through word of mouth marketing.

Lead Generation Activities

Football club managers need to do a lot of complex work like deciding the practice schedule and the practice drills of the players, buying good players and selling the not so good ones and dealing with the club administration among a host of other things. But the end result for the team and the manager is to score more goals than the opposition in the match and the manager needs to devote his time to each of the activities in such a way so as to maximise that chance of scoring as many goals as possible and hence shouldn’t be spreading himself too thin. Similarly as marketers, the end goal is to generate new leads through these lead generation activities that will eventually become paying customers for our clients.

Digital Marketing

People just 50 years ago believed that smoking was beneficial and caused whitening of the teeth! Such is the power of information and how it is presented. But the internet has changed the face of marketing as it has changed the way most of the businesses are conducted in today’s world. It is said that 90% of the data created in the world has been created in the last two years and companies both big and small and from every sector want a slice of the pie. With everything going digital from buying shoes to booking train or flight ticket, marketing has turned digital too. And also like everything digital, digital marketing is the most potent marketing tool that companies can employ to increase their sales and make consumers aware of their products as:

  1. It helps businesses reach where the consumers are. You can reach your potential clients at places where they are the most active such as their Mobile phones and Social networking sites.
  2. Building brand reputation in today’s information age seems to be impossible without Digital Marketing.Branding & Remarketing practices using multiple platforms like SMS, Email, voice, Display ads, Banner ads & many more have helped transform the face of many fledgling businesses.

There are no two views on the fact that Digital Marketing helps businesses increase their revenue and profitability. Also, it provides for a much higher ROI than traditional marketing methods which might not always be successful in reaching out to the audience.

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