SMS Marketing

Almost every person reflexively reaches out for their phone upon hearing their SMS tones thus making the marketing of products using SMS one of the most fastest and effective ways of marketing. Moreover SMS marketing makes the process of tracking metrics a lot easier for you by apprising you about the people who might be interested in your programs or products and is a hassle free way of knowing how much dividends your marketing campaigns are paying you back. Additionally, the tone of the SMS can be controlled to have a promotional pitch, i.e. when a new product is to be brought into the customer’s imagination or a transactional pitch which involves sending alerts to already registered users, offering litheness in the way they are used.


Email Marketing

Email marketing allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of having pre-built email templates, scheduling an email broadcast or sharing content on social media hence increasing its usefulness, efficiency and reach because of their stature as the predominant professional communication channel. For example every Facebook notification is also sent in the form of mail to the user’s email ID too even though most of the general public spends more time on Facebook than reading their emails. This shows the importance of email marketing and if companies like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google pay so much attention to Email Marketing, so should your business too!


Voice Marketing

Our voice based marketing campaigns add a host of weapons into a business’s arsenal like Call tracking, Interactive Voice Response (that computerised female voice), call recording and numerous other features which help in generating, tracking and reporting sales calls thus providing our client’s with a powerful marketing as well as an analytical tool. Speech is singularly the most powerful force available to humanity and our marketing operations are tailored to derive maximum benefits out of it.


Display Ads

Online ads situated at the right place at the right time in front of the right web surfers is bound to increase sales for any business and this is what we do with our client’s ads. There are numerous techniques and models of advertisements like social media ads, sponsored search engine ads etc. which we use to deliver the best results for our clients. For instance, pay per click models are an example of efficient advertisements which is beneficial for all the parties involved in the transaction. Buyers click mostly on products that is relevant to them, marketers pay for the clicks generated only with the clicks bringing in a customer who is much more likely to buy the product than an organic visitor to the site would, thus creating a more efficient and productive marketplace. However you do not have to worry about all this while we quickly set you up on your advertising journey and pamper you with options to optimize your ads.



Search Engine Optimisation is about making your website easier to understand both by the visitors and the search engines. Thus, the best way to keep your content SEO friendly is to constantly research how search engines work. Simultaneously it is important to understand how the customer thinks and acts. SEO is about meeting search engines and your customers not mid-way but at their respective locations and acting accordingly.

Social Media Optimisation is equally (if not more) important! There are about 1.70 billion monthly active users on Facebook posting about 300 million pictures every day and soaking in huge amounts of information mainly through social sites. Not having your content optimised for search engines and social media is like having a sports car without the engine!


Strategic Branding

With the internet being a sensitive place with little or no control over what might catch the public’s attention next, a false move might be the end of developing or even fully developed brands. It is said that the first impression is the best impression and we help our clients create the best of impressions by combining strategy and research along with a dash of creativity.


Creative Marketing

Connecting with the right audience through social media marketing, online ads and emails should never be ignored but there should always be that some extra spice in your marketing campaigns for great results. We always apply out of the box thinking to each and every of our client’s project so that they get results exceeding their own expectations.



People these days have the attention span of chimps. If you cannot hook the user within a very short amount of time, the user is as good as gone. There have been numerous reports that show that the average time a person spends on deciding whether a product is useful or not is decreasing at a rapid pace.

Gamification of features allows users to play around on the website, increasing the time spent on the website which in turn leads to an increased interest. However this needs to be planned well and should not make the website unresponsive thus making the whole process futile. But this is why we are here, isn’t it? We will help you build the best features so as to rank high in user engagement and retention.


Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to reach out to the customer base effectively, affiliate marketing encompasses the best of marketing practices. Only the interested people help spread it forward to more people who might be interested in the product thus having a cascading effect. Whether it be the biggest companies in the Fortune 100 list or another bubbling with energy start-up, having a great affiliate marketing program is not something they want to miss out on as it opens up a revenue path with minimum hassles.

But the catch here is “interested people”. How do you get them to be interested? There are many mails that an affiliate gets from other companies so how do we get them to propagate our services over others’? What sort of incentive should be provided? These are some of the questions we have been continually asking ourselves in order to provide our clients with the best services.