Tips To Rank Your Website On The First Page of Search Results

Tips to rank your website on the first page of search results :

Good search rankings can help you get more visibility, more traffic, more leads and hence more business. Getting into the first page of the search results is a bit tricky when you have just started as you need to compete with industry leaders. But there are some tips which can help you rank your website amidst industry leaders and popular blogs.

When you think about top industry keywords like “books”, there are already dominating websites which capitalize on those keywords. Famous bloggers keep trying to rank those keywords using their influence and followers.

If you’ve just started out and want to rank organically for popular industry keywords like “books”, it is not going to happen anytime soon, in spite how much money and effort you put in. Because you don’t have significant domain authority and very little backlinks, which is not enough to stand in front of industry giants with comparatively higher authority ranks.

These industry leaders have been since years, producing stellar content and getting thousands of backlinks to their content. If you have just started out, you need to take a different path to rank in the search results.

So let’s move forward, and find out how to do it?

  1. Dominate the search engine rankings with long-tail keywords :

For a generic keyword like “books” there are lots of websites with high page authority and backlinks due to which your website may be outranked in the search results no matter how hard you try.

Instead of trying to compete in bigger markets for top industry keywords like books,if you have just started, you must try ranking for long tail keywords like  “The best sci-fiction books to read in 2018”. Though there is less search volume for long tail keywords, you can easily rank on the first page of Google search results as there is less competition there. You can capitalize on small markets, where there is low traffic and low competition and then with time, when you build your authority, you can try competing for high traffic keywords, which may take years.

If you are skeptical about the long-tail keywords, I want to tell that Amazon makes 57% of the sales from long tail keywords.

But how long-tail keywords affect sales of Amazon?

Because when people search for long tail keywords, they are looking for specific information whereas when users type normal keywords the results are more general.If you give the searcher specific information in return to their query, they are more likely to come back and convert into clients.


The long tail keyword doesn’t generate high traffic but is easy to rank on the first page of search results and conversion rates are always high.

You should aim to create a large number of content targeting long tail keywords to dominate search engine result pages.


  1. Reach the top of the Adwords search network

Most of the Adwords ads are created to promote business and less likely to provide what user is looking for. The user sees Classified ad results until he scrolls the page. Google always advocates for the user and puts the needs of the user first. You can take advantage of this and create great content around the needs of the user instead of promoting business directly.

  1. Write more blog posts and more often.

Google likes fresh content and it obviously ranks those websites better which post relevant content on a regular basis.You can’t stuff lot of random keywords in a single web page.You must try to create a compelling content focusing on one or two keywords per post.

This means you need to write lot of content, each post targeting one or two keywords.

The more posts you write, the more pages get indexed and more visitors your website hits.

Every website content or blog post on the first page of Google is 2,000 words.That means you need to write in-depth content, which genuinely solves the problem of the user. The content should be filled with lot of examples, images and step by step instructions.

  1. Get an SEO audit of your website:

 Getting an audit of your website can help checking the health of your website, where the website is lacking, and where it is performing well. Using the audit report, you can change your SEO strategy easily.

  1. Post valuable content on social media:

Image result for social media

Search engines give importance to the social signals coming from various social networking sites when ranking websites. Always try to post new and valuable content on social sites to improve social signals which in return improves search rankings.

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